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“For thousands of years they tower over the green meadows along the coast and the hillside of Rapa Nui. Moai Maea, silent and solemn – venerated and mystified by a long forgotten ancient culture. It will let you feel the droning and shrieking of the mighty erupting Rano Raraku where the MOAI MAEA was born.”

MOAI MAEA is KMA Machines’ homage to the powerful analog octaver tones of yesteryear. The pedal generates one higher octave and up to two sub-octaves, helping you create massive walls of synthy sound from a single note.

The MOAI MAEA’s upper octave section has an edgy and fuzzy character which is reminiscent of the iconic late ‘60s early ‘70s octave-up tones, as used by legends like Hendrix or The Stooges.

The sub-octave section turns your guitar into a filthy sub bass with ground shaking lows. Choose between either the first (-I), the second (-II) or both sub-octaves together (-I/-II), for an absolutely bone-breakingly heavy subsonic attack.

Main Features:

  • Powerful Analog octave pedal
  • Wide range of fuzz octave tones, independently foot-switchable
  • Higher “Shriek” with fuzzy character
  • Two selectable or combinable sub-octave modes
  • Serial buffered FX loop
  • Clean mix – for a world of expanded soundscapes

Introducing MOAI MAEA

Quick Control Overview

Hover over control points for detailed info

Quick Control Overview

Click on each control point for detailed info


Product Type:

Analog Octaver

Bypass Type:

True Bypass

Power Supply Requirements:

9 V DC – Centre (-) negative 2.1mm

Current Draw (max):

>20 mA

Product Dimensions / Weight:

H: 62 mm / 2.44 inch
W: 90 mm / 3.54 inch
D: 120 mm / 4.72 inch
Weight: 550 g / 19.40 ounces



In-depth Description

The Moai Maea provides you all the tools to create your own custom octave sound via its individual mix controls for your clean signal, the upper octave, first sub octave and second sub octave.

 Moai Maea is an analog octaver and therefore works monophonic only – just like in the good old days! That means for it to track perfectly and clean, you have to play single notes. Playing chords or letting notes ring into each other will create a glitchy, ragged and disintegrating sound, which can be super awesome as well in the right cacophonic context.

Sub-Octave Modes

Sub-Octave Modes

Dead simple to operate, Moai Maea offers three sub-octave settings to choose from.

These allow you to turn your guitar into a filthy bass guitar with ground shaking lows, alternatively adding extra depth to basses and mono synths alike. The rotary switch lets you select between either the first octave (-I), the second (-II) or mix both together (-I/-II) which gives you a an absolutely thunderous thumping sound.


Clean Blend

Clean Blend

Additionally, the Clean knob let’s you control the amount of dry signal in the pedal’s output to help preserve your natural core tone. Simply twist the Clean control to mix in the original unprocessed signal, allowing the initial pick attack of your tone to breathe when using the SHRIEK circuit or keeping your instruments unaltered sound to complement the synthy bass tones of the DRONE section.

It is also especially useful when playing chords or letting multiple notes ring at the same time, as the Moai Maea’s analog octaver circuits will mercilessly turn those into glitchy, yet delightful disorder.

But wait… there’s more!

For ultimate flexibility each octave section is individually foot-switchable. You can turn on and off the higher octave by hitting the SHRIEK switch and the sub-octave by the stomping on the DRONE switch.

To put the pedal in bypass and kill both octaves simultaneously, you can also hit the left bypass footswitch.

To expand your soundscapes, the pedal features a serial buffered FX-Loop, within the clean path, so you can add all sorts of effects of your choosing to your clean signal to complement the potent octave goodness of the Moai Maea’s three octave voices. Additionally Moai Maea has a phase inverter to avoid phase-cancellation when mixing signals this way, which can be activated by flicking the internal DIP switch.

So if you are looking for a pedal to give your instrument that extra…. Well, extra of everything really, Moai Maea might well be the pitch perfect nirvana you’ve been looking for.

Powered by an optional standard 9V DC (max.) PSU (negative center, 2.1mm, >20 mA current draw)

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