Reawaken The Depths Below

“Releasing the harpoon from his grasp, Queequeg gazed into the depths of the bleak waters that stretched down endlessly beneath him. Mindful to the aim of his adversary, the giant whale plunged further and further into the darkness of the abyss. This subaqueous dominion would forever be his rightful place. QUEEQUEG 2 – look deep down and believe.”

KMA Machines released the original QUEEQUEG in 2016. The pedal was our take on how simple and effective an analog monophonic suboctave device could be.

Time doesn’t stand still and so with QUEEQUEG 2, KMA’s aim was not only to update the device with a more striking appearance, but also add an additional sub-octave and the ability to switch and mix between them. With a small footprint, the updated pedal also has top mounted jacks and relay based soft switching for the modern age. QUEEQUEG 2’s super, easy-to-use and ultra-fast tracking sub-octaver works equally well on guitar, bass and synth, so these classic earth-shakingly awesome tones can find their way to any setup out there.

Main Features:

  • Two ultra-fast tracking analog mono sub octaves
  • Subtle tone thickening, to huge faux bass-synth sounds
  • Offers precise octave shifted single note lines or glitchy, random chords
  • Easy-to-use one knob MIX design – controls clean/sub-octave blend
  • • Three switchable sub-octave settings
    -I: for synthy sub-octave sounds
    -II: for truly earth-shattering lows
    -I/-II: for a massive wall of sound sub tones
  • Multi-coloured LED – shows which mode is active at a glance
  • Compact enclosure with top-mounted jacks – will fit into any setup

Introducing QUEEQUEG 2

Quick Control Overview

Hover over control points for detailed info

Quick Control Overview

Click on control points for detailed info


Product Type:

 Analog sub octave pedal

Bypass Type:

True Bypass

Power Supply Requirements:

9 V DC – Centre (-) negative 2.1mm

Current Draw (max):

 >60 mA

Product Dimensions / Weight:

H: 60 mm / 2.36 inch
W: 74 mm / 2.91 inch
D: 128 mm / 5.04 inch
Weight: 350 g / 12.35 ounces



In-depth Description

Thickening up your tone slightly, blasting out faux bass-synth resonances or even filling in for a missing bass sound are just some of QUEEQUEG 2’s specialties. The pedal’s super quick tracking benefits from KMA’s custom all-analog circuit design, giving you very organic and smooth suboctave tones.





Dead simple to operate, this tonally deep submergence vehicle offers three sub-octave settings to choose from.

These allow you to turn your guitar into a filthy bass guitar with ground shaking lows, alternatively adding extra depth to basses and mono synths alike. The toggle switch lets you select between either the first octave (-I), the second (-II) or mix both together (-I/-II) which gives you a thunderously massive wall of sound, it even changes colour depending on the mode.




With its one knob MIX control, you are able to dial in just the right blend of the generated octaves and your clean signal.

From completely clean on the left, to 100% suboctave action on the right and all with different sonic blends in between, you’re sure to find your mighty vessel of tone.


But wait… there’s more!

Beware – don’t let your lows be dragged under! QUEEQUEG 2 draws the line right here and ends your hunt for an easy-to-set and great-sounding all-analog and thundering sub-sonic beast!

Powered by an optional standard 9V DC (max.) PSU (negative center, 2.1mm, >60mA current draw)

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