Note: This legacy product is DISCONTINUED

BREAKING NEWS: Comprehensive investigations have revealed a new top secret machine that will solve your power supply problems with extremely smart features. SAM, short for Supply Aid Machine, is small but effective at reviving your vintage fx units and supplying your pedal of choice with more juice.

Just feed SAM a standard 9V or 12V DC outlet (negative-centre pin) from your power supply unit, or a standard power adapter and it will give you one power output with -9V DC and one with 18V DC. Each output delivers up to 100mA, enough to feed several pedals via a daisy chain. By using the 18V DC output, SAM will breathe new life into your favourite drive and distortion pedals capable of handling increased voltages, by greatly improving their dynamics and headroom.  We simply love old fuzz boxes and know all about the – 9V DC power supply problem that can plague some old designs. Hence we felt obligated to solve that with SAM by giving you the possibility to put your vintage fuzz pedal on your board without using an extra power adapter. It will avoid error sources and you can get rid of batteries. Win Win!

There’s no need to be afraid of sacrificing one of the 9V or 12V DC outlets on your power supply either. SAM provides an output which will link through the 9/12V input from your PSU, so you can keep supplying standard power as well. So, as you can see, SAM is an all-in-one solution to improve your power supply system on the fly.  Small – Smart – SAM.

Powered by an optional standard 9V-12V DC PSU (negative center, 2.1mm, approx. 20mA current draw)