Specials and
Limited Editions

Over the years, KMA Machines have launched a number of limited and/or special edition product runs.

See below for a list of recent limited and current special edition offers.

The 2023 Signature Collection

To continue our 10th Anniversary celebrations, we decided to do something a little special with a contest on our social channels.

Each month, From August until the end of the year, we gave away custom one-off pedals in a unique and distinctive colourway, as part of KMA’s 2023 Signature Collection.

Every distinct pedal was signed by KMA’s founder Enrico and had the winner’s name printed on the backplate. These special pedals will NOT be made available for purchase or sale by us – ever!

We gave away a Golden FUZZLY BEAR 2, a Glow in the Dark QUEEQUEQ 2 (yes you read that right!) a MOAI MEA in Violet, a GUARDIAN Of The WURM in a gorgeous Gloss Purple chassis and finally a TYLER DELUXE in a Christmassy Red and White finish!

Congratulations to all the winners of these unique pedals – here’s to another decade of KMA!

CIRRUS Shadow – July 2023

2023 is KMA’s 10th Anniversary. To celebrate a decade of pedal mania, we dressed up our little soundscape helper pedal – the top selling Cirrus – into a special LIMITED monochrome finish.

Cirrus is a truly special and versatile, dynamically modulated combined Delay and Reverb pedal that will forever change your perception of time and space.

Only 150 units of the Cirrus SHADOW – Spatial Temporal Modifier were made in this limited dark and moody colour-way and exclusive to Gear Hero in the USA, Peach Guitars in the UK, Thomann in the EU and Pedal Empire in Australia. 



Gear Hero

Peach Guitars

Peach Guitars

Pedal Empire

WURHM – 2021

Calling a pedal legendary or a cult classic is often stretching the truth, but when it comes to the Boss HM-2 MIJ it’s just spot on. From its absolutely brutal and grinding distortion tones it birthed an entire metal genre, while its thick walls of gain and sustain also saw it solidify its place within shoegaze and prog rock. We’ve never tried to hide the fact that our WURM Distortion is our unabashed sonic love letter to this filthy box of doom and gloom. A modern and versatile take on this seminal shred machine that actually looks as evil as it sounds, taking it much further and pushing the envelope of how destructive it can be.

So, we only saw it fitting to adorn our mega metal monster in the iconic black and orange colors, not only to really profess our love and admiration but to also celebrate the milestone of 1000 WURM units that have now been made.

Only 200 WURHM Distortion pedals were created and available in this finish, plus in addition, every purchaser of a WURHM could claim a limited-edition super cool WURHM T-Shirt (while stocks lasted).

CIRRUS ICE – November 2020

Winter is coming and you know what that means… It’s time to suit up for the game of ambient tones! Hence, we’ve dressed up our top selling Cirrus, our little soundscape helper pedal, in a fitting ice-blue finish so you can send your sounds into the stratosphere in style!

Filled with crystalline arctic delays, glacial atmospheric reverbs and dynamically evolving modulation, Cirrus ICE will make every note played snowball into a true sonic wonderland.

Only 200 units of the Cirrus ICE – Spatial Temporal Modifier were made available in this limited cool as ice colourway.

Desert Logan – May 2020

Drive tone is one of the most personal things in music. It’s the equivalent of an artist’s colour palette and truly defines a player’s signature sound. Hence, with Logan Transcend Drive, we sought to create one of the most versatile and vibrant drive pedals ever, so you can make your art sing precisely the way you envisioned.

Wow! That was a lot of colour and paint innuendos there, huh? But it had to be done, because the Logan Transcend Drive is now available in a stunning and ultra-limited Desert White colour-way with matching anodised red knobs.

Only 100 of the Logan Desert – Transcend Drive were made available world-wide and sold out pretty much straight away.

Sweet Sinner – 2017

Designed with and for Frank Pané, guitarist of the legendary German heavy rock band BONFIRE and SAINTED SINNERS, the KMA Sweet Sinner was issued as a limited edition. Frank’s aim was to get his legendary tone by the help of a single pedal.

Equipped with a NOS AC125 Tungsram Germanium transistor, the four controls set the Sweet Sinner up from common treble booster. The RANGE control lets you choose between the classic treble booster sound and a full range boost fully cranked, giving a meaty sound with tight low mids. The BOOST control doesn’t need any explanation.

We added a passive TREBLE and BASS control to fine-tune the sound of the pedal. TREBLE tames the high frequencies and the transients, when the boost is fully cranked letting you find the sweet spot of your amp on the fly. Whereas BASS helps to prevent your amp to get overloaded by lower frequencies, especially with humbucker guitars, while leaving the low-mids untouched.